Scientific and Technological Events from 1500 B.C.E. to 1001 B.C.E.

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Science events

Political events

ca 1500

Olmec move large basalt boulders long distances and carve without use of metal tools.

Metalworking starts in Peru.

Egyptian glass pots and other artefacts.

China domesticates water buffalo.

Sorghum cultivated in India.

Indo-European languages move into India with domesticated horses.

Evidence of extensive trading all over Europe.


Wine making established in Mediterranean region.

Salt mined in Alps.

Metal tools used in agriculture.

Precursor of porcelain invented (China).

Earliest Hindu writing, the Vedas.

ca 1300

Ten commandments formulated.


Fall of Troy


Solar eclipse recorded (Ugarit, Syria)

ca 1200

Olmec develop lunar calendar.

Mesopotamian iron tools developed.

Lunar eclipse recorded (China)

ca 1100

Rubber invented (Olmec)

Medical diagnostic textbook (Esagil-kin-apli in Mesopotamia).

Earliest known library (King Tiglath-Pileser I in Assyria).

Indo-European languages appear in Italy (Latin fore-runner)

ca 1000

Use of iron in Greece and China.

Oats cultivated in Europe.

Phoenicians use Murex snails for Tyrian purple dye.

Sugar cane reached India from Indonesia.

Aleuts and Inuit in Arctic.

Extensive trading in Central America.


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