Scientific and Technological Events from 500 C.E. to 999 C.E.

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Some of these entries need cross-checking against more citations.


Science events

Political events

ca 500

Angles & Saxons move into Britain


First references to Buddhism in Japan, but took off only after 552

ca 530

Varahamihira gives first trigonometric formulae (India) and improved interpolation methods; first use of combinatorial theory ("Pascal's" triangle).


Origin of Islamic calendar

Muhammad flees to Medina


Brahmagupta writes the Brahmasphutasiddhanta giving explicit rules for place system of arithmetic including zero and negative quantities, general solution of quadratic equations, iterative method of calculating square roots, area of cyclic quadrilaterals.

ca 700

Venerable Bede accumulates knowledge, notices the calendar is drifting and proposes a fix, which is ignored.

ca 750

Soninke (West Africa) empire flourishes.

ca 776

Jabir ibn Hayyan establishes foundations of chemistry.

ca 784

King Offa builds dyke.

ca 810

Al-Khwarizmi brings together Indian mathematics and Ptolemaic astronomy.

ca 850

Gunpowder invented (China)

ca 880

Abu Kamil applies algebra to geometric problems, with proofs.


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